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How It Works

How This Online Store Works

Step 1: Select products

Shop our store, pick the products you want from "Seafood", "Vegetable" and "Other".

Step 2: Schedule pick up date

From the Cart Page you can schedule your pick up date. You can pick it up from Monday to Friday, "9AM-12PM" and "12PM-3PM".

Step 3: Check out

Enter your credit card information and check out. (*Payment will be held until all products become ready.)

Step 4: Receive the notification

The payment amount will be confirmed with the actual availability and size of the products on that day.

When we finish packing all your order, you will receive the Email with the confirmed payment amount.

Step 5: Pick up your order

Go to the warehouse, and pick up your order.

Please tell us that you are there to pick up the online order.

In case you need curbside pick up (pick up while you stay in your vehicle) please call us.


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